A Full Guide to Cleaning Your House in One Day – 8 Easy Steps Guide

Cleaning your whole house in a single day can sound like a hassle. If you’ve been putting away the task for a while, you might be confused and overwhelmed about where you should start or how long it will take. To help you figure out how to clean your house in one day, this article will guide you through it. 

To be able to finish cleaning your whole house in a day, you will need a plan first. Write down all the steps you need to go through. Prepare all the things you might need. Then go to each room and clear out any toys, clutter, or dirty clothes that might be laying around. Finally, get your groove on with some music to finish cleaning up the entire house. 

Now that you know how you can start cleaning up, you might need help with coming up with some good strategies. But don’t worry as I will introduce some easy steps and tips for you to clean your entire house. 

8 Easy Steps to Clean Your House in a Day

At a single glance, it can seem impossible to clean up your huge messy house. But trust me, it is very much possible. You just need to dedicate your time efficiently and stay focused to finish all the tasks. If you are having a hard time planning what order you should go about it, let me guide you with these 8 easy steps-

Step 1: Have a System Ready for Each Room

Before you start moving, remember to plan your course of action. It is the most effective and smartest way you can go about cleaning up your whole house in a day. 

Bringing all your tasks under a system can shorten your cleaning time in half. Make an order for each time you clean. Like cleaning up one room at a time, choosing a starting and finishing spot, or setting a time to clean each room etc. 

Step 2: Keep All the Tools You Will Need Ready at Hand

Keeping all your tools ready to go will cut the time you would need to go back and forth to look for them. It is a step you should apply if you want to finish up cleaning as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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A great way to carry all the supplies can be to wear a belt or an apron with large pockets. Now carry all the sprays, rags, and whatever with you and clean like a pro. 

Step 3: Start with Your Dishes and Laundry

If you have any dirty clothes lying around, bed covers, curtains, and others, pick them up and put them into the washing machine. As they clean, you can focus on other tasks.

You can get to do any dirty dishes you got waiting in the sink. Get them cleaned up or put them into the dishwasher to let it do its job.

Step 4: Dust Everything

If you want to save some time with dusting down everything, try a feather duster or microfiber cloth. You do not have to use dusting spray. Some people religiously use these after dusting while it’s not really necessary. 

When you are dusting, it is best to start from the top and clean your way down. If you don’t start from the top, you will see all furniture below brimming with dust when you have already cleaned them. You can also choose a specific order to clean everything, like from left to right. This way you will move one way instead of darting around here and there. 

As you are dusting all your shelves, cupboards, and the top of your tables, you are sure to come across things you don’t need or use. This is the moment for you to take action and clear it all up. A big reason your house looks like a mess is because of the useless clutter. So put them away for later use as you are cleaning or throw them out if you don’t need them anymore. 

Step 5: Clean All of Your Bathrooms

You might have more than one bathroom in your house. If so, you should clean them at the same time. Make an order- clean all the mirrors, wipe down walls, spray the counters and tubs with disinfectants, and finish with cleaning the toilet. 

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This way you can just pick a single product or tool and then go from bathroom to bathroom cleaning a single item. No, need to waste time cycling through your cleaning gear. 

Step 6:  Get Your Kitchen Squeaky Clean

You can start with clearing off all the kitchen counters. Then wipe them down well with a disinfectant. Make sure to wipe away any grime or oil. Clear out any useless things from the cabinets and clean them. Remember to clean the sink and all other appliances as well. 

Empty out your trash bin while you’re at it. Trash cans need to be cleaned as well. Or not the bits and pieces left inside can cause a foul smell. So, after throwing out the garbage, remember to clean your trash bin as well. 

Step 7:  Get All Your Furniture Cleaned

To clean all your upholstered furniture, you can use a vacuum. Use the attachment for upholstery and get vacuuming. 

To clean any wood furniture, get a rag to wipe them down. For any leather couch you own, you can use natural products. With a brush attachment to your vacuum, you can also clean wicker furniture. 

Step 8:  Save the Floor for Last

Before you tackle the floor, you want to make sure everything above the baseboards is clean. Vacuum any area that is carpeted and sweep the others. Don’t forget to go under all the furniture and reach those tight corners. 

If possible, remove all or as much furniture you can, before cleaning the floors of a particular room. For hardwood floors, you can get a steam or spray mop. Finish with mopping down the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else needed. 

Some Tips to Clean Your House Fast and Easy

Now that you have gotten all the steps you need to follow to clean your whole house fast and easily, the following tips will help you be more thorough with your cleaning. A few tips that can help are:

  • Have a dedicated day for cleaning. Make sure to clear out all your schedule that day as well. 
  • It’s best to clean when you are in the mood. Put the music on full-blast, get your rubber gloves on and clean up the whole place in style.
  • Keep the cleaning supplies for the bathroom and kitchen near the place. This way they will be readily available. 
  • Make it a habit to clean bit by bit every day. The load will lessen a lot.
  • Wear a mask while dusting as it can get inside your nose and cause sneezing and other discomforts. 
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How Often Should You Clean Your House?

Cleaning your house is not hard. But this requires you to dedicate different time for each cleaning task. It is recommended to do some cleaning tasks every day. Tasks such as cleaning the sink, wiping the kitchen counter, and anything that you use every day should be cleaned regularly as well. 

For the weekly cleaning, you can include changing bed sheets and cleaning the toilet. Then there are tasks such as cleaning out the insides of your fridge that can be done once every three to six months. 

For your regular cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, dedicate one to two hours. It’s a smart and healthier choice and you won’t have to spend ages when you finally get to it. 


Cleaning your whole house in a day sounds like a huge task, but in reality, it is not that hard. With some dedication and a well-thought-out plan of action, you can finish it up in a jiffy. To guide you through how to clean your house in one day, I have given 8 easy steps in this article. I hope you can follow them to clean up your entire house without any problem. Thank you for reading and farewell.