House Renovation: Do I Need A Contractor To Remodel My House?

So, you are thinking about remodeling your house. Making minor changes on your own is fine. But it is a huge decision to demolish and build some parts of the house. Remodeling a home requires proper planning, including a budget plan. Now, you are probably wondering, do I need a contractor to remodel my house?

Your house remodeling project may require construction work and changes to the electrical, plumbing, and gas systems of your house. In this case, you need a remodeling contractor for proper advice and planning. 

In this article, I will explain when and how you should hire a remodeling contractor for your house. You will also know what to ask and expect from a general contractor. It will help you understand their skills and limitations. 

When Do You Need A Contractor To Remodel Your House? 

Is it always necessary to hire a contractor? No, it is not. There are some small tasks like painting, re-installing cabinets, hanging windows, and doors, or simple flooring tasks. Your local handyman can do these tasks. However, many remodeling tasks are beyond the control of a handyman. 

You may make some major changes in the house design and footprint. These tasks often require permits from the local building department. Applying for the permits can get a bit complicated. For such remodeling tasks, you should hire a licensed house remodeling contractor or a general contractor. 

General contractors are trained professionals who have knowledge of both small and large renovations of houses. When you discuss your remodeling planning with a contractor, they will make sure to finish the job following the safety codes of your state. They assist you in setting a budget for the overall remodeling project of your house. 

Furthermore, they will gather all the technicians you may need for the remodeling project, such as electricians, plumbers, painters, interior designers, landscape architects, and many others. Licensed contractors take less time and resources to complete remodeling a house compared to inexperienced workers. 

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How To Find A Contractor To Remodel A House?

There are many ways to find a contractor to remodel your house. If you are not sure how to find a qualified contractor, you can try these steps: 


You can start by asking around your relatives and friend circles. If someone you know has recently renovated or remodeled their house, ask them about their contractors. 

You may also discuss your remodeling plans with your colleagues to see if they know any contractors.  

Use Social Media

Use social media to your advantage. You probably have many friends and followers on your social media accounts. 

So, post that you are in need of a contractor. Surely, people will contact you or give you the names of expert home remodeling contractors. 

Search Websites

If the above steps do not work, then search the internet for general contractors. There are plenty of websites about home decor, renovation, and remodeling. Professionals even have their websites, so you can check them.

Once you find some names of remodeling contractors, make a list. Then, check their qualifications and previous work reviews. Most importantly, check if they are licensed from the state’s licensing page. Then, you have to prepare some questions to ask them so that you can choose the most suitable contractor for your project. 

What To Expect From A Contractor? 

You just cannot hire anyone for the job. The candidates for the contractor job will claim to be a lot of things, but you must not believe in just words. Besides, remodeling a house takes quite some time, and your contractor will be around you for a while. Hence, hire someone friendly and trustworthy. 

So ask the following common questions and verify them before hiring a general contractor: 

Do They Have A license?

You can take help from a non-licensed home remodeling expert, but they cannot guarantee their quality of work. But a person with a license to remodel houses is clearly a professional at his job. So, ask the contractors if they have a license. They may also have certificates like Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) to prove their specialties. 

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However, you must verify their license and certificates on the state’s building license website. Besides, they should have proof of their previous work and experience. 

Will They Get You The Permits?

When you are remodeling your house, you may need to change the electric or plumbing system. Breaking or building new walls can also be part of the project. For these tasks, you may require state permits like mechanical and building permits. 

So, ask your contractor if they are experts in getting building permits for your project. Do not hire someone who cannot get your building permits. 

Do They Have Insurance?

Your contractor will hire other experts, like electricians, plumbers, and painters for your job. So, they should have insurance to cover the cost if any worker gets injured. 

Sometimes, for small remodeling jobs, it is your responsibility to pay for the injuries. However, ask the contractor to be clear. 

How Much Should You Pay Them?

You must have a general plan for your house remodeling. When you discuss the plan with a contractor, they will probably make some significant changes. After that, you will have a final design. Based on that plan, the contractor will ask for a payment. 

So, get a clear idea of how the contractor will work on the project, who they hire, and what materials they are using. When you agree on a payment, make sure to sign a contract. 

Do They Offer Warranty Of Their Work?

Professional contractors must guarantee the best quality of work. They offer a warranty on the materials and installations they will use to cover your remodeling project. However, do not forget to keep copies of the warranty. 

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How Long Will They Take To Finish The Job?

Setting a deadline is extremely important. You may want to remodel your house before a grand party or you want to remodel it in time to sell it. Thus, you have to set a deadline for remodeling the house. Ask your contractor how long it will take to finish the job.

Your contractor will give an estimated time. However, you should not expect your house to be magically remodeled in a few days. It may take weeks to finish the job.

How Will They Protect Your Property During Remodeling?  

Remodeling a house that needs painting and removing broken parts of the house can be messy. It can even cause a lot of damage to your other property. The dust and debris can spread all over your property. 

Therefore, you and the contractor must come to an agreement on protecting your property. Ask them if their insurance will cover them if anything is damaged because of them. Your contractor will request you to put your valuable items away from the renovation work. 

The workers under the contractor should cover flooring and furniture with sheets to protect them from any harm. Also, be sure how they will clean the mess after they complete the remodeling project. 

Hopefully, you are no longer wandering, do I need a contractor to remodel my house? It is not always possible to handle every hour of remodeling tasks on your own. It requires a lot of time and attention. So, you should definitely hire a professional house remodeling contractor for your house. It may cost you some money, but it will be worth it once you see how contractors make things easy for you.