How To Hang A Picture With Wire And Two Hooks On the Wall?

You finally got your hands on that stunning painting you’d been eyeing for a while. You’re very happy and ready to hang it. But then you realize it is not that easy. So, to make you feel better, I have to come to you with this article. Today, you will learn how to hang a picture with wire and two hooks on the wall. 

You will need D-rings, wires, pliers, a pencil, a hammer, a screwdriver, two hangers, measuring tape, and a bubble level.  Attach the D-rings at a certain level. Then twist and turn the wires to create a taut line. Measure the frame of your painting to where you want it hung. Finally, using a drill and hammer, attach the two hooks or hangers and hang your picture neatly.

Look, I know it sounds like a lot of work. Hence, I would suggest staying with me till the end. I will try to clear up all of your confusion. So, if you wish to learn better, don’t go anywhere!   

Steps To Hang Your Picture Frame

As mentioned before, you will require a few tools to execute this work. They’re easy to come by in any workshop. I’ll break down the main steps into two parts to make things easier for you. The D-rings and wire must be properly attached to the rear of your picture frame in the first step. The image will then be hung on the wall at the proper eye level in the second stage.

First and foremost, decide where you want to hang your masterpiece. Normally, if you wish to hang it over sofas, then a distance of 10-15 inches from the furniture is fine. Make sure to keep enough headspace! As for tabletops, you can hang it a bit higher. Just maintain the proper eye level so that people don’t have to elongate their necks to appreciate your painting.

Phase 1: Preparing Your Frame For Hanging

This step is more important than step two. If you screw up here, you will never be able to align your frame properly later. So, please keep your head clear and follow these steps to the letter!

  • Step 1: Using the measuring tape take the total length of your frame. Let’s say the total length of the frame is 15 inches. Flip your frame to the backside where you will attach your D-rings.
  • Step 2: Now you need to place the D-rings at the proper place. A general rule of thumb is to place the D-rings at one-third of the total length of the frame. In this case that is 5 inches. Measure 5 inches from the top edge of the frame and mark it with a pencil. 
  • Step 3: Create two holes on the left and right sides of the frame where you marked using a sharp object or tool. Make sure it is very pointy. Twist the tool slowly by applying more pressure. You will soon have two holes to attach your D-rings to. 
  • Step 4: Screw in the D-rings using screws and a screwdriver. Make sure the ‘’D’’ part of the D-ring is inward. The flat side of the rings will be fixed to the marked place in the frame. Also, maintain a 45-degree angle between the rings while screwing them in. 
  • Step 5: Slide a wire under the left D-ring and then come around it. Try to make a simple knot. The wires might be a bit tough to bend due to metallic properties. But don’t worry, you can use pliers to make it easy. Keep 4-5 inches of excess wire and bring that around the D-ring again then twist. 
  • Step 6: Take the remaining wire on the right D-ring and do the same keeping excess of the wire free. Create tension with the wire on the top of the frame. You can use your hand or a level to create it. Make sure the wire taut is 2-3 inches above the D-rings and 2 inches below the top of the frame. 
  • Step 7: Cut the remaining wire. Also, the 4 inches you kept free will be twisted back through the D-ring and onto the wire again. As said before, use pliers to twist them tightly. Make sure both ends of the wire are properly tight like this. 
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There! That concludes the first phase. Your beautiful painting is ready to be hung! You should be proud of yourself. What comes now is even trickier. But I’m not saying this to scare you off okay? I know you can do it! So, here’s the second phase.

Phase 2: Hanging Your Frame On The Wall

For this, you will need some important but nifty tools. Again you can find them in nearby workshops. Keep your head cool and let’s do this! Here are the things you will need.

  • Two hangars
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Screws
  • Bubble level
  • Notes
  • Pencil

First, measure the total length of your frame. Then place it down on the floor, slanted against the wall. From the top of the frame, measure 6 feet to where you want to hang it on the wall. Mark it and put a piece of paper on it. 

Let’s say your frame is 10 inches in length. Half of the length will be 5 inches. Mark that position on the left side and also the top of the frame at the center using sticky notes. Then go back to the wall where you have the central location for the frame, i.e. the sticky note. 

Place the left side of the sticky note in the frame with the sticky note you used on the wall and align. Then put a sticky note on the wall where your top sticky note on the frame is present. You now have a good idea of where you will hang the frame.  

Then place your frame on a flat surface face down. To create tension on the wire that you attached before using the bubble, measure the tension of the bubble from its ends to the top of the frame. Let’s say the distance is about 4 inches. 

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Go back to the wall and measure 4 inches down from the top of the sticky note. This is the central location of the top of your frame. Below 4 inches, bring that bubble level and align it as closely as you can. Mark the two ends of the bubble with a pencil. 

Then screw in two hangars at the locations you marked with the bubble. You can use a simple hammer to do this. Make sure they are very tight. Then hang your painting and make sure it is properly aligned and at the ideal eye level. 

And that’s it! You’re all done! Was it too difficult? Don’t worry, this will take a little time. But with trial and error, you’ll be a master at this! 

Types Of Wires You Can Use

The type of wire you should use depends on the size and weight of the frame. Here are a few of them that are popular and efficient!

  • Braided Wires: These are steel wires coated in zinc and come in varying sizes. They are easy to cut and bend. These wires can hold a frame weighing about 30-35 pounds. 
  • Stainless steel wires: As its name implies, it is strong and rust-free. They are stronger than braided wires, albeit less bendy. They can hold a painting weighing about 90-100 pounds. So, if you want to hang something big, these wires are the way to go.
  • Galvanized Steel wires: These wires are basically stainless steel coated with various types of vinyl. They are a bit soft and delicate to the touch and a bit more flexible than regular stainless steel wires. They can withstand about 50-60 pounds.
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To summarize, measure your frame and attach D-rings on the back. Then slide a wire through and bend it around and back using pliers. After that, measure the central location of the frame on the wall and note it. Create a taut and use the bubble to know the location of the hangars. Then screw them into the wall. Hopefully, I was able to teach you how to hang a picture with wire and two hooks on the wall. Hold your head high and keep trying. It’ll soon become easy! Thank you for reading till the end. Stay safe!