Learn How Much Value A Pole Barn Can Add to Your Property

If you have an unoccupied area on your property, you should consider making a pole barn there. It will not only give you extra storage but also increase the value of your property. Knowing this, you are probably wondering, how much value does a pole barn add to property

It depends on its size, quality, and appeal to the buyers. Pole barns are popular in small towns and they can increase the price of your property and make it sell easily in those areas.  

In this article, I will discuss how pole barns help to raise property value. After that, you will learn about strategically building pole barns to increase the chances of high prices. 

How Much Value A Pole Barn Adds to the Property?

Exactly how much home value a pole barn increases is hard to tell. But many homeowners say it can be $10,000 or more depending on the size and purpose of the barn.

Now, the matter is that your pole barn may cost more than the added value. However, it is still an advantage to have a pole barn on your property because an attractive and well-planned pole barn will raise the curb appeal of the property you want to sell. In fact, it increases the chance of selling the property compared to property with no outbuildings. 

Therefore, whether you plan to sell your property now or later, you should build a pole barn in your plot. Pole barns are not so expensive to build. You can use it for various purposes. Moreover, it may add value to your property when you resale it.

How Do Pole Barns Add Value to The Property?  

People often appreciate the extra buildings in their property beside their house as they can use it for various purposes. Hence, they will appreciate a pole barn on their property as well. Not only that pole barns are actually quite versatile and can be used for many purposes which make them rather appealing to customers.

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Here are all the ways you can use a pole barn: 

  • Garage: Pole barns can be easily turned into an extra garage. The infrastructure and space of the barn will be enough to shelter a car or a boat. 
  • Animal Shelter: You can use the pole barn as a shelter for your animals. Turn it into a horse barn or a cattle rearing space. The space of the barns should be enough to keep a few animals. 
  • A place to relax: Everyone needs to relax and spend some quality time alone or with friends. But it may not be possible inside your home. Especially, if you have kids. So, a pole barn can be your man cave or she-shed. Decorate your barn with all the things you need and relax. 
  • Workplace for your hobbies: People have hobbies that may require a good amount of space. They can use the pole barn as a workshop for their hobbies. 
  • Storage house: You might have some large equipment and tools. These things occupy a huge space. So, if you run out of space in your basement, use the pole barn as an extra storage room. 
  • Extra-living Area: Turn your pole barn into an extra room by spending some money. However, you may need permission to make changes in your barn to use it as a second home. 
  • Commercial Purpose: Not just a living space, you can also turn a pole barn into a commercial building. Again, you need permission for that. You may have to spend a lot of money depending on the business you are planning to start in the barn. 

As you have seen, pole barns have multiple purposes. Therefore, the value of your property will increase if you can sell it to the right person who appreciates and understands their value. 

Strategies To Build a Profitable Pole Barn

If you are thinking about building a pole barn just with any material before you sell your property for profit, then you are making a mistake. You should build a pole barn while you are living on the property. 

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Moreover, the barn has to be well-planned. Only then you can get the maximum value of your property. Here is how to make sure your pole barn will add value to your property: 

Make It Attractive

When you are building a pole barn, match it with your house color and style. If you build an unattractive barn, it will not attract any buyers. Moreover, it may even drive them away. Therefore, plan the design and color combination of the barn carefully. It should add to the aesthetic value of the property. 

Build the structure of the barn in such a way that you can customize it according to your choice or the next owner’s preference. If the buyers are attracted in the right way, they will happily pay extra for the barn.

Build a Multipurpose Pole Barn 

You are probably using the barn for a specific purpose. But the space inside the barn should be able to be used for various purposes. As mentioned before, some may want to use it as a garage, and others may want to turn it into an animal shelter. 

Therefore, leave the scope of customizing for the next owner. Try not to make big changes in the barn if you are planning to sell the property.

Make the Barn Durable 

Normally, well-maintained pole barns will last 15-20 years. For that, you should choose the right materials. Wooden pole barns may look more attractive, but they cost more than metal pole barns. Besides, wooden pole barns require high maintenance. Luckily, they can be easily demolished if someone decides to. 

On the other hand, metal pole barns are more durable and less expensive. However, they are permanent structures. It will be quite a hassle to demolish. So, you have to be smart about building a pole barn. Whatever wood or material you are using, they have to be good quality products to make the pole barn strong.  

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Proper Maintenance

Without proper maintenance, nothing will last for a long time. Besides, no client will buy a property that has damaged buildings. So, you should take care of the pole barn so that it looks well-maintained when you sell the property. 

A wooden pole barn needs to be inspected from time to time. The wooden poles can get damaged over time, and you have to change them to keep the infrastructure strong. When you prepare the property to sell, paint the barn along with other buildings in the property if necessary. 

Build a Cost-Efficient Barn

Remember, pole barns or any other extra building will not always help you to increase the value of the property. So, spending too much money on building a pole barn to increase property value is not a good idea. 

There are many ways to build a simple yet attractive pole barn on your property. For that, you can also take help from professional pole barn builders. 

Get Permission

When you use a pole barn as a living space or a commercial space, you may need permission from the authority of your locality. You have to hand over the legal papers to the next owner of the barn. 

Buyers will not want to buy a property without legal papers of all the property buildings. So, get a building permit when you construct a pole barn for business or living intentions. 


Hopefully, by know you have learned how much value does a pole barn add to property. A pole barn can add value to your property if you manage to find the right customer. However, a well-maintained and nice-looking pole barns can definitely influence any buyer to pay a good price for your property.