What Is The Average Cost To Build A Pavilion? (Detailed)

Pavilions are an attractive addition to your garden or swimming pool area. It’s a perfect place for the family to spend some time outside, in the fresh air. In addition, a pavilion will also increase the overall value of your home. Those of you who are thinking about building one, but do not know what is the average cost to build a pavilion, you’ve come to the right place!

In general, building a pavilion costs around $3000-$15,000, depending on several factors. For instance, the materials, size, and labor involved in building the pavilion would greatly affect the price range. Besides that, you have to take into account additional factors like land preparation expenses and other construction costs.

When it comes to pavilion kits, one has to pay a different price depending on the type of kit they choose. As the name implies, they essentially come with every item you might need to construct one. To find out more about the method you can use in calculating your final costs, continue reading this article. It will walk you through all the necessary details. 

Pavilion Material Costs

For just the materials it can cost you between $2000 to $9000. It all depends on the quality of the material and type.  

The pavilion material selection ultimately determines how much you are going to invest in its construction. A large percentage of the cost would be incurred by this sector. Furthermore, it would also determine the appearance of the pavilion that you will choose for your home. That is why this step is crucial. Let’s take a look at your best options. 

1. Wood 

Wood pavilions are the most classic ones out there. You will notice old houses, with a modern twist seldom choose wood for their outdoor pavilions. It’s because it adds a rustic and aesthetic touch to the entire property. Choosing wood, however, also requires additional maintenance. Therefore, wood can be a great choice if you are willing to accept it. 

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In general, it costs $4000-$8000 for an average size wooden pavilion. There are varieties of wood you can choose from too, and depending on that, the maintenance and cost would differ. Pine, for instance, has the lowest price and the least durability. In contrast, Tropical Redwood is more expensive but offers amazing durability with low maintenance needs. 

2. Metal 

Pavilions made of metal are among the most affordable ones. Nonetheless, they are quite durable and would require the least amount of upkeep throughout the years. Likewise, they can be found in a diverse array of patterns and designs, so you will have a large number of options to choose from! 

Metal materials for pavilions usually cost around $2500-$8500. There are three options for you: aluminumsteel, and iron. Due to its high resistance to harsh weather, iron would be the best choice among the three options. In addition, in recent years, their designs have evolved quite a bit for those house owners who prefer simple and modest decor. 

3. Vinyl 

Vinyl can also be another excellent option for those who want versatility in their pavilion. As this material can be made to look like wood, metal, and even cement, users get a major advantage here. Plus, they require little to no maintenance. But, if you live in an area where it rains more often, then there is a chance a vinyl pavilion can end up with molds.

However, the budget you should keep in hand while buying vinyl ranges from $4000-$8000. Those who care about the environment and want to use environmentally friendly products find this option very appealing. As vinyl is biodegradable, so if you ever want to switch to another pavilion in the future, this is your best choice!

4. Brick 

Bricks have also historically been a popular material choice for pavilions. They are more popular in colder regions because brick is very efficient at retaining heat. The performance and strength of this material will make it stand out throughout the years. It is advisable not to invest in these if you live in a region prone to earthquakes. As bricks are brittle, they crack easily. 

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The average cost for bricks is almost $2000-$3500. You should keep in mind that bricks can be of many different types. Nevertheless, the two most common ones are unburnt clay bricks and concrete bricks. It’s better to invest in clay bricks because, with time, they tend to expand. As a result, you will have a more solid seal for your outdoor pavilion. 

5. Pavilion Kits

For people who want to get the work done easily, there are pavilion kits available in many different materials. These kits include a variety of essential items that you may need to build your dream pavilion. Additionally, you will be able to select from different styles, and structures, depending on what your home needs. 

In this regard, the price of a wooden pavilion kit starts at $6000Vinyl ones are almost about $7000-$7500. The price range for brick and metal kits is between $5000 and $9000. The best part about pavilion kits is that they do not require any extra work, like drilling or taking measurements of the project. You will have everything done based on your requirements.

Cost According the Size of The Pavilion 

Of course, the bigger the construction the greater the cost. On average it costs around $25/square foot. 

Pavilions can be of any size, depending on your house’s available space. However, the average size pavilion is 10×14 feet. This is a perfect addition to small spaces, particularly for adding an extra area for a family gathering or a barbecue. Another popular size is 14×20 feet because it has an interior that can accommodate a couch and other seating arrangements. 

Pavilions are priced differently based on their size, as mentioned earlier. So, a 10×12 feet pavilion would cost $2000-$6000, and 14×20 feet would require a budget of $6000-$11000. Alternatively, bigger sizes, such as 30×50 feet, may cost between $15000 and $25000

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Some owners also like adding entertainment sections to their pavilions. For instance, a big TV, a wide projector, or even a sound system. This helps build family time and fosters communication. Therefore, if you desire these features, you will have to adjust your original budget. Prices would change depending on the kind of entertainment you would add.

Furthermore, you might also want to invest in adding storm and sun protection to the additional entertainment devices. You could install a sliding door or waterproof the area where you keep the products. These too would require additional expenditures. A rough estimate is that you would need a total of $2000 or more. 

Land Preparation and Building Costs

Depending on the area you live in, preparing the land for the pavilion should also be counted among your expenses. Talk to your local construction company, and figure out the charges they take for the size of the pavilion you are going for. However, in general, it may cause $2000-$7000 throughout the project. Make sure you know how much they charge per day.

You may also need to buy additional building materials, so speak to the construction workers about how much it would cost. Again, a rough estimate would be $1000-$2000. Therefore, as you can tell, building a pavilion costs quite a bit of money, and the price varies greatly depending on your area, and the size of the project.

To conclude, pavilions can be an amazing investment for a lot of reasons. Making sure you’re taking the right steps and picking the best materials is imperative to ensure it will last for years to come. Hence, I hope this article has helped you to understand the basics of what is the average cost to build a pavilion and more. Best of luck.