Epoxy Flooring For Homes Cost Guide – Numbers Included

If you’re a homeowner, you might be considering epoxy flooring for your home. They are very popular these days and also very reliable. So, more people are now considering renovating their homes with epoxy flooring. But, most of them don’t know how epoxy flooring might cost. So, if you’re one of them, this epoxy flooring for homes cost guide will be very useful to you.

Epoxy flooring costs somewhere between $3 to $12 for every square food of your home including labor. Though the cost for the full installation may vary depending on various other factors. So, it is best to contact a professional who can observe your home and provide an estimation for the cost.  

Saying that, professional help might be quite expensive at times. Also, epoxy flooring is something that you can do by yourself. It’s not very hard to do and it saves a lot of money also. So, if you want to do it yourself, then this article is for you. I will guide you through the costs and other expenditures related to epoxy flooring. 

Epoxy Flooring Cost Factors 

The cost depends on various factors and variables. These factors should be considered beforehand to get an accurate cost estimate. This will also help you to realize where you can save some real money. Now, I will talk about some of the factors.

Square Footage

It’s the most important thing you need to figure out before you start renovating your home floor. Because it gives you an idea about how much epoxy you need to buy. This measurement is crucial for other reasons also.

First, you need to measure the area of the room or garage. Generally, the costs of epoxy coating vary from $3 to $7 per square foot. So, accurate measurement is crucial for this project. Also, this helps you to determine if you would need any additional labor or materials, or instruments or not. This is why it’s one of the most important factors which can’t be overlooked.

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Current Condition of Your Floor

This is another important factor. Costs can vary a lot depending on the current condition of the floor. Because you need to repair any damage on the floor before thinking of doing epoxy flooring. Or else the longevity of the floor will be affected a lot.

For instance, if there’s a crack on your floor you need to take care of that first. Normal small-scale cracks are not expensive at all and are easily fixable. But large cracks could be expensive to repair. You might need to call in for professional help to repair that. So, that might increase the total cost. So, you need to assess the situation as carefully as possible.

Types of Epoxies

Costs also depend on what kind of epoxy you’re going to use on your floor. Depending on your floor condition and other factors, you might have to choose the best option for yourself. There are several kinds of epoxy available in the market and their cost also varies. So, you need to be wise. I’ll talk about some of the popular types of epoxies now.

  • Water-Based Epoxy: This is the most common type of epoxy that is available in the market today. They are very easy to work with. Also, they are really cheap. For instance, water-based epoxy can cost two or three times less than solid epoxy. So, if you want to save money this is your best option.
  • Solid Epoxy: This one is also one of the most used epoxies. It is extremely durable. For long-lasting coating, it should be your choice. The price is higher but they rarely require any maintenance. So, you won’t have to worry about your floor once you apply this coating.
  • Solvent-Based Epoxy: Solvent-based epoxies are good for certain situations only. They are more durable than water-based epoxies. But they are not available everywhere. Also, they are not as eco-friendly as the other epoxies. They cost more than water-based epoxies. But, for the average household, I wouldn’t recommend this coating.
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The following table shows you the costs of installing each type of epoxy flooring: 

Epoxy typeCost Per Sq ft
Solvent-Based Epoxy$0.58
Solid Epoxy$1.40
Water-Based Epoxy$0.37

Garage Floor Coating Cost

Garages are one of the places where the epoxy coating is used most. Because of their high resistance to damage and heavy load, garage floors are ideal for coating. It also increases the longevity of your garage floor. 

You can coat the floor alone without any help or much thought. So, this is another advantage also. The cost is really cheap. Water-based epoxies will cost you around $0.40 per square foot only. Solvent-based might cost around $0.60 per sq. foot and Sold epoxies will cost you the most as usual. They can cost around $1.40 per sq. foot.

Additional Cost Factors

I’ve already talked about the basic cost factors regarding epoxy flooring. But, there might be some additional cost you should be aware of also. These costs mainly relate to some normal preparation and repair jobs before you apply epoxy coating on your floor. Most people overlook them and end up spending way more than what they intended. So, I’ll talk about them now.

Concrete Foundation repair

This one is very important. If your foundation is damaged in any way or form, the epoxy coating won’t last very long. So, any kind of crack small or big needs to be repaired. The repair cost might vary from $5000 to $15000 depending on the crack. But, most of the time there is not much of an issue found with the foundation. Still, you should check and repair beforehand.

Labor Costs

Though epoxy flooring can be done alone, depending on the floor size it can be quite time-consuming. Also, the prep work can be too much at times for one person. In these cases, hiring labor is a good option. For prep work, one labor can cost around $250-$300 a day. But, if you have a big area to coat, you can do it quite easily with some additional help.

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Maintenance and Sealing

Epoxy coating lasts a long time depending on your maintenance. While solid epoxies do not require high maintenance, you should take care of your floor if you want them to last long. Because, redoing them, again and again, is not cost-effective and they are also time-consuming. So, you should look after your coating once in a while.

Some of the things you should do are:

  • Keep the floor surface dirt and stain-free. These stains could damage the floor in the long run. So, wiping them immediately is the best thing to do. Also, they should be done with non-caustic cleaners. They are more expensive than traditional soaps. But soaps can damage the floor and the coating over a period of time.
  • Especially on the garage floor, you need to be careful about oil and other car chemicals spilling on the floor. Because engine oil and other car chemicals can be very hazardous to an epoxy floor. They should be cleaned immediately with clean towels and recommended cleaners.
  • Epoxy coatings get damaged by UV rays. So, you need to be careful about not exposing them to the sun for a long time. Garage doors should be shut down whenever possible.
  • Resealing is mostly needed for water-based epoxies. New coats should be applied every several years. Don’t forget to clean the floor first before resealing. Resealing costs vary from $0.40 to $0.60 per square foot. So, it is not that expensive either. 

In this article, I wanted to help you better understand epoxy floor coatings and implement them on your floor. It should give you a fair idea of the cost and other factors you need to know about epoxy flooring installation. I hope that this Epoxy coating for homes cost guide will help you decide the best option for your home and garage.

Thank you for stopping by. Wish you all the best for your project.