How Much Does It Cost To Run A Swim Spa? Cost Estimation

Swim spas are the ultimate addition to any household. They are relaxing and, in many ways, therapeutic for the body and mind. At the same time, they are pretty costly to own. It’s easy to prepare yourself to buy one. Because in that case you can see the price tag. But what catches many swim spa owners off guard is the high running cost. 

The first initial cost is the capital needed to purchase a swim spa. Buying a swim spa would cost from one thousand dollars up to ninety thousand dollars. The main expense in running a swim spa is the power cost, as it will add an extra two to three hundred dollars to your bill. Then you have maintenance costs which can range from $15 to $100 per month. 

I’ll talk much more deeply on how much does it cost to run a swim spa. So, I advise anyone who is planning to get one for their home to read this article thoroughly, before making such a decision. 

What Is The Initial Cost Of A Swim Spa?

Well, you need a somewhat huge capital to purchase one. Price ranges from seventeen thousand dollars up to ninety thousand dollars. But there are cheaper options as well, starting one or two thousand dollars.

If you are a homeowner and are looking for swim spas that will work well for a long time, then I’ll suggest you go for the hefty prices. The lower prices might seem tempting, but it might not prove to be a good decision in the long run. Swim spas that cost way less might not run effectively and might even get damaged quickly.

Cheaper swim spas are more likely to damage; hence might need more frequent repairments. Frequent repairments to constantly fix the recurrent damage will ultimately cost you a considerable amount of money. Thus, it is better to invest that money first so that you don’t have to repent later.

Swim spas costing twenty thousand to thirty thousand dollars work pretty efficiently and are an excellent choice to go for. Also, if you have a bigger budget, you can go for the ones with more advanced features. After purchasing, you need to install a swim spa in your home.

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Installation of your swim spa is also costly. You need to keep an additional ten to twenty thousand for the building. 

What Are The Maintenance Costs Of Swim Spas?

After purchasing and installing comes the maintenance cost. Maintenance costs would become way more bearable if you bought a high-quality swim spa. But an additional two hundred to three hundred bills will most likely add to your electricity bill. Also, hundred to two hundred dollars might be required for the repair of any unforeseen damage. 

Also, it will require an additional fifteen to thirty-five dollars per month for filters or other chemicals. But there are other costs as well, and as a homeowner, you should know about these costs thoroughly before investing in a swim spa. Hence here’s a rundown of those factors.


Your swim spa will require a moderate amount of electricity for the generation of the hot tubs. If your swim spa has additional massage jets, that will require a significant amount of electricity. Hence, the major expenditure you’ll have in maintaining a swim spa is the electricity bill.

But to ease your frown at this moment, Electricity bills by swim spa are not that much. Swim spas that are generated by electricity are far more cost-efficient than the ones that are caused by gas. Hence, it is pretty apparent that an extra amount will appear for running a swim spa, but I reassure you that the amount won’t be that huge.

The cost mainly depends on you. A moderate amount of electricity usage won’t cost you that much. But if you overuse your swim spa, then it will skyrocket the electricity bill. 


If you invest in a high-quality swim spa, the maintenance cost will tend to be lower. This is because high-quality swim spas perform better and are less prone to damage. Hence you will waste less money on repairs. But if you buy a cheaper swim spa, you might need to pay more money.

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Cheaper swim spas get clogged easily, and the pieces of equipment are prone to damage. Also, they might not work very efficiently, and you might need to invest money in it from time to time so that it works properly. Hence maintenance of a cheaper swim spa will be heavy on your shoulders due to the frequent repairing costs.

Also, it is necessary to change the water every time you are filling up your swim spa. This filling of water from time to time will cost a certain maintenance cost. You also need to invest in specific apparatus which are required to clean the water. These apparatuses are used to get rid of the shrubberies and rubbles from the water. 

Hence, they are essential for maintaining the cleanliness of the water in your swim spa. Purchasing these types of equipment will also add to your maintenance cost. Also, if a specific component of your swim spa fails to work efficiently, you need to replace or repair it. Hence these unpredictable damages might also increase your maintenance cost.


Another major hassle of acquiring a swim spa is the maintenance of the quality of water. To maintain the cleanliness of the water, you need to invest in buying certain chemicals. It would be best if you kept buying these chemicals; hence this is a monthly expenditure. These chemicals will cost you around fifteen to thirty-five dollars per month.

But this expenditure also highly depends on how frequently you are using your swim spa. It also depends on whether or not your swim spa is of high quality. A low-quality swim spa would most definitely need more cleaning, increasing the number of purchases of chemicals.

But a high-quality swim spa would require less hassle. A high-quality swim spa will require fewer chemicals and hence less amount of water filters as well. Therefore, depending on the quality of your swim spa, the number of supplies will increase or decrease.

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How To Reduce Swim Spa Running Costs?

If the maintenance cost might seem a lot for you, you can reduce the cost of running a swimming spa in several ways. You can reduce the cost by insulating, setting the correct temperature, or heating during off-hours. Let’s address these factors one by one in the segment below.


Insulation plays a significant role in preserving the heat of the water. If you purchase a high-quality swim spa, then water will remain hot for an extended amount of time for the presence of top-notch foam insulation.

Also, there’s another effective way to retain the heat. You can cover the surface of your tub with an insulating shield. This will help you keep the heat for an extended time, and hence your swim spa would require less energy to reheat the water every time. 

Set The Right Temperature

The amount of expenditure also depends on the amount of temperature you are using. If you use your swim spa regularly, then thirty-five degrees Celsius is okay. But if you use it only a few days a week, then twenty-six degrees Celsius is fine.

Hence, by not keeping your swim spa heated throughout the whole time, it is better to adjust the temperature. This will cut down on electricity usage and hence will reduce your cost as well.

Heating During Off-hours

During the early morning or late at night, electricity is cheaper. Hence it is best if you heat the water during these periods.

These are peak-off hours. During the daytime, electricity is way more expensive. Hence you will be able to cut down on your electricity bill if you heat the water during these peak-off hours.

Before buying something, it is pretty understandable to be concerned about the related costs. Hence, if you were wondering how much does it cost to run a swim spa, you probably have your answer by now. Thanks for stopping by. And I hope this article guides you to be better prepared for the costs of owning a swim spa.