How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost? A Brief Breakdown

The roof of your house protects you from the storms, cold, heat and so many other things. But it can only do so if you take proper care of it. An important factor in taking care of your roof is having it inspected. But how much does a roof inspection cost? In this article, I will answer that very question, along with some other questions that may arise.

On average, roof inspections can cost you around $250. However, this value is not that straightforward as a lot of other factors can affect the price. Roof inspections can cost you from a meager $75 to upwards of $675. This variation in prices has to do with the type of roof as well as the method of inspections.

So, to get a better idea of the pricing and how much you would need to spend, I recommend sticking with us till the end. I will go over the different pricing for the various types of roofs as well as the different methods to inspect your roof and why you need to do so. So, let’s get into it!

How Much Does A Roof Inspection Cost?

How much your roof inspection will cost is not an easy question to answer. Many different factors affect it. One of the major factors that affect the cost of roof inspections is the type of inspection you are requesting for your roof.

Physical Inspections

Physical inspection is one of the most common types of roof inspection. These inspections usually cost around $75 to $200. This type of inspection is usually reserved for roofs that are easy to access and flat. 

For a physical inspection, a certified professional will just examine the condition of the roof by getting on top using a ladder. The price may also vary on the amount of detail with which he checks, and whether he checks the underside of the roof as well.

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Drone Inspections

Drone inspections are often performed due to the inaccessibility of certain roofs. If the roof is too unstable or too steep and the inspecting professionals cannot stand or walk on it, they may use a drone. This will usually cost you around $150 to $400. 

This method ensures the safety of everybody present. It also allows for the drone to capture footage or take a picture, which the professional can look over for signs of exterior damage. I recommend making sure the inspector or the person working with the inspector is a certified UAV pilot.

Infrared Inspections

Infrared inspections are one of the most expensive ways to have your roof inspected. The main purpose of infrared inspections is to find those issues in roofs that are almost impossible to detect. In fact, you will only notice them after they cause a considerable amount of damage to your roof. This inspection costs you around $ 400 to $ 600.

By using infrared, you can see these usually unnoticeable cracks and leaks before they begin causing serious damage. Similar to how drone inspection allows professionals to examine inaccessible areas, this is also done with drones fitted with an infrared camera. This camera takes thermal images that can detect things that the normal eye cannot.

With these images, one can figure out where the surface or the insulation of the roof needs replacing. You can also use these thermal images to detect where you can apply more heating during cold seasons as well as help you find leaks from where heat may leak out.

I mentioned how the process of the inspection can affect how much you will have to pay. But another factor is the material of your roof. 

Materials Affecting The Cost

The cost of the inspection can depend on the material of your roof, as different types of roofs have different issues. Roofs made with wooden shingles are often susceptible to rot. On the other hand, metal roofs are susceptible to rust, while fiberglass can crack. 

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For this reason, hiring a professional is due to their expertise in handling a specific material.

Other Factors Affecting The Cost

Other than the things mentioned above, there are some other factors that can also affect the cost of your roof inspection. Such as how badly damaged your roof is, the square feet area of the roof that you need to inspect, and lastly, the certification of your roof.

How Do They Break The Price? 

You can break up the cost of the inspection of your roof into three parts. This will be the fee for the inspection. If you require the drone inspection, you will need to pay for any additional experts or any additional experts in general. And lastly, you will have to pay for the certification of the inspection.

Should You Inspect Your Roof Yourself?

Though the best price you can imagine is free, inspecting your roof by yourself is not a great idea. First and foremost, inspecting your roof yourself can be a safety risk. If you are unaware of the stability of your roof or if the roof is too steep, you may fall off and injure yourself.

If you are inspecting the roof before selling it, the bank or the insurance company will not accept inspections you do by yourself. They require you to provide an inspection performed by a professional.

But there are some minor inspections that you can and should perform on your own. You can look for stray branches and check if there are visibly loose shingles or any other damages. I recommend doing these minor checks after storms. You can also check for issues on the interior side of the attic. 

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Why You Need Your Roof Inspected

Now that I have discussed how much the inspection can cost, let us talk about why you should spend your hard-earned money on getting your roof inspected. 

One of the most common reasons for you to inspect your roof is storm damage. After a big storm, high winds can often damage the roofing. This may lead to leaking, causing water to drip into your house. So, getting your roof inspected can help find these issues and get them fixed.

But leaking water is not the only sign of damage. As a result, you may not always find obvious signs of damage, and this damage may gradually accumulate and cause significant damage later. This can be completely avoided by having a professional inspect your roof and finding the problem before it becomes too late.

A roof inspector can also point out any errors in the layout of the roof that could result in problems. They can see these issues and give you recommendations on how to readjust the layout before any possible water damage may occur.

Roof inspections can help you with drainage issues as well. Branches, leaves, and other trash can get stuck on top of the roof. This will result in the roof becoming waterlogged as the trash will stop proper drainage from taking place. This will increase the chance of water leaking into the house.

In this article, I went over the question, how much does a roof inspection cost? I talked about the various things that can affect the cost of the roof, as well as whether you should do it by yourself or not. Finally, I finally went over the reason you should consider having it inspected in the first place. Thank you for making it to the end of the article!