How To Remove Fence Post Concrete? A Step By Step Guide

Fence posts are normally set up with a good amount of concrete beneath them. This gives the body some rigidity. But the problem arises when they break down and require replacement. Removing a fence post can be tricky and annoying. But don’t worry! Because today I’m going to show you how to remove fence post concrete!

Have some tools ready like bolts, steel chains, a drill, plywood, 4×4 wood, a high jack, a sledgehammer, and a shovel. Dig a hole around the post about 3-6 inches in diameter and 3-4 feet deep. Use the chains to wrap around the concrete and attach it to the nose of the jack. Apply pressure to the jack using the lever and you’re done. 

I would still advise you to stay! Because I will elaborate on this further. Also, I will talk about other methods you can use and things you mustn’t do while DIY-ing this. So, join me in this venture!

Different Methods You Can Use To Remove Your Fence in Concrete

Let’s not beat around the bush and get to the point. Removing a concrete post sucks and you need the most efficient and fastest way possible to remove it. Well, I’ll show you the best way I know to do exactly that! I’ll also add some other less efficient but still useful methods. So, get ready to apply some elbow grease!

Use A High Jack Lift

This is by far the best way to remove a fence along with its base concrete. You will need some materials like bolts, chains, plywood, 4×4’s, and a drill. The high jack lift works like magic! This baby lifts vehicles as well as posts like nothing! Here are the ways to use this tool properly.

Method 1: Don’t Need to Cover the Base

What I mean by that is that you don’t need to dig around the fence before lifting it. Just grab a 4×4 piece of strong wood with more than a 4-inch thickness. Make some holes in the wood using a carbide-tipped drill and attach it to your fence post tightly! Use thick bolts as this will take all the pressure when you’re going to pull the fence. 

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After that, attach the wood tightly to the long post of the jack. Note that you might need to drill some holes into the post as well. The plywood, which is also the anchor point, will be attached to the fence and the long post structure of the jack. 

One of the optional things you can do to create even better pressure is to make a base for the jack again using some 4x4s. This will create some elevation. After you’re done securing everything in place, simply press the lever down and see how easily the post comes up! 

Method 2: Need to Do Some Digging!

Sometimes the fence can be too tough to lift on its own. So, you need to dig around the fence post and expose the core concrete. Using a shovel, dig around the post about 4-6 inches in diameter and about 4 feet deep (just as an example). You should be able to see the parent concrete.

The steel chains will be very handy here. Wrap the chains tightly all around the concrete. This needs to be secure! The chain should have a slip and a grab hook on both ends. After wrapping, secure it using the slip hook and keep it a few inches free. 

Use the remainder of the chain to wrap around the nose of the jack and tightly lock it using the grab hook. Then use the jack by pushing down on the lever. Keep the jack as close to the base of the concrete as possible. Sometimes the jack can slant along with the concrete. 

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Don’t worry, just readjust yourself from another angle and keep pushing! Use your hips and arms and keep your feet steady. Your core energy must come from the bottom! Applying pressure for no reason will only make you tired! So, follow any one of these methods using the high lift jack and see how easy it is to remove your pesky fence. 

Use Water Sprinklers 

Sometimes your wooden posts break down at the ground level. It becomes difficult to attach it to a jack and pull it out. So instead, you can use deep-rooted water sprinklers to pull out the fence. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Dig a hole on one side of the fence and expose the fence, along with the concrete. You will need a shovel for that.
  • Step 2: Activate your sprinkler and gently drench the wood thoroughly. The water will act as the loose agent. 
  • Step 3: Using some plywood. Try to pull out the post from the concrete. Keep applying water at a steady pace.

And voila! Your post should come out properly! But sometimes that might not happen. In that case, you can use a sledgehammer to just break the wood into a few pieces and procure them by hand. So, sprinklers are a very cost-effective method, albeit a bit tiring. 

Use Your Tire 

Yes! As absurd as it sounds, you really can do that! Here are the steps you need to follow for this to work. And also, this is a no-brainer. You need a car for this.

  • Step 1: Create an anchor point using plywood and strong, thick eyebolts. It is the same as the jack lift. 
  • Step 2: Use wrap the chains around the anchor point. Secure it using the slip hook. Another hook should be at the other end, which is the grab hook. Wrap it carefully around the rim of the tire and lock it using the grab hook. 
  • Step 3: Start your engines! Let your car do the work. Make sure the tires are heavy-duty and can withstand a lot of force.
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After a while, you see the post coming out along with the concrete. And there you go! You now know how to remove fence posts from concrete! 

Things Not To Do While Removing Fence From Concrete

There are several things you should avoid while and before removing a fence from concrete. The first and foremost thing is to never use faulty tools! Faulty tools can harm your concrete and destroy way too much of it. 

The idea is to save as much concrete as possible when you replace it with a new one. So, always buy the best tools you can afford! The second important thing is you should never do these things without protective gear. Safety glasses, protective helmets, and gloves are important. 

You won’t probably have any debris flying around during these procedures. But it is better to stay safe. Especially if you are using dynamite! Also, I should mention, the tire method is great but it comes with risks. Your tires might be worn out. Your engines can also overheat. 

So to wrap it all up, removing a post can be a hassle. But using a jack lift can make the process easy. The sprinkler method is also a good way to go if jacks are too costly for you. And finally, tires are also a pretty fast and easy method. Make sure you have the proper tools to DIY this. And if it gets too hard, you can always hire a professional! Hopefully, I was able to teach you everything about how to remove fence post concrete. I hope to see you soon on the next topic! Stay safe and take care! Goodbye.