How to Stop Someone from Slamming A Door? – Expert Advice

Every day millions of doors worldwide fall victim to door slamming and this can damage them. Now, just as anyone else, you’d be concerned about how to protect any part of your property from damage. And the door is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your property. So, how to stop someone from slamming a door?

To stop door slamming you’ll need to make some DIY changes to your doors. These changes include; replacing the hinges, tightening screws of the door, using door stops, installing automatic door closers, installing felt pads, using bumpers and pinch guards, etc.

To learn more about each solution that I’ve mentioned and some common causes of door slamming, please read this article further. I will elaborate further about the various aspects and try answering any common inquiries that people may have regarding this topic. Hence, you are strongly advised to stick with me till the end.

Various Scenarios Where Doors Can Be Slammed 

There are many scenarios when doors can be slammed shut. Some of them are purposeful while others are more due to accidents or simply negligence. Let’s check out some of these scenarios. 

During Arguments 

Door slamming has always been described as a passive-aggressive sign of anger expression. Taking rage out on your door is not exactly something that everyone takes lightly as it damages the door and also leaves a bad impression.

Sometimes doors can be slammed to indicate that someone has either entered or is exiting a room to let others in the house know about it. 

Uncareful Individuals 

Some people just don’t know their own strength and can push or pull-on doors a bit too hard. That can cause the door to slam accidentally. This happens quite often if you have heavy robust doors that are easy to pick up momentum. 


Sometimes a sudden breeze can slam doors against the frame. This is likely to happen if you or someone in your house has a habit of leaving doors without locking them. 

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Issues With Door Closer 

Many people install automatic door closers on their doors. While these can be quite convenient, installing them improperly or any issues with the closer can cause doors to shut a bit too hard. This in turn causes doors to slam shut. 

Do Slamming Doors Cause Damage?

Yes, they do, unless they are made from the strongest materials available, they will always be perishable. Hence, great care is needed towards taking care of doors as replacing doors is a lot more expensive than most solutions available.

Persistent slamming of doors can cause misalignment of door jambs. The hinges of your doors may also be prone to becoming rusty and detached. This can become a threat to your home’s security and privacy.

And if your door has glass on it, then a single slam can break the glass. Costing you a good sum for the replacement or repair of the door. 

Replacing doors isn’t the only expensive issue in this regard. Sometimes even the cracks in your wall resulting from non-stop door slamming can become a bigger problem at your hand.

Hence, if you’re worrying too much about door slamming taking place, try the solutions I’ll be listing down below.

How to Stop Someone from Slamming a Door?

Now that you’re aware of the leading causes of this problem, let’s just jump into talking about fixing them.

1. Installing Automatic Door Closers

These can be both the cause and solution of door slamming. While a faulty closer can actually cause doors to slam shut, a functioning one can actually solve this issue. 

A surface-mounted automatic door closer does exactly what its name suggests. They close doors automatically whenever a person is behind the door after opening it. These pneumatic door closers are adjustable to pressure, speed and force, helping you control the way your door closes. 

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Always make sure to choose door closers made out of aluminum, hard plastic, or steel for durability and reliability. Once you tweak the pressure and speed settings appropriately to your needs, you will no longer have to worry about slamming doors for a while. This solution is quite expensive from the others but it sure will deliver results.

2. Checking the Hinges

One technical aspect of doors that makes them more prone to slamming are imbalances present within the hinges. This happens when the hinges become older, warped, or improperly mounted. Hence, taking care of hinges are crucial if your doors are vulnerable to door slams.

The common solutions to hinge-related problems are leveling the hinges or reinstalling them by tightening their screws or completely replacing them. Once you’re done replacing or fixing your broken hinges, your door will feel just as new!

3. Attaching Felt Pads to your Door

This is the one of the most simplistic solutions on the list so far. Attaching felt pads to the edges of the frame-hinge region of your door act as cushions that absorb the force and the sound that emerges during door slamming. These cheap affordable pads can be attached along the top and bottom part of the door’s frame and are pretty simple to be used.

This is a better alternative than the rubber band solution, which I’ve excluded from this list as using rubber bands to prevent door slamming doesn’t always look the best.

4. Doorstops

This is yet another overly simplistic solution to a troubling problem just like many others on the list. Using door stops requires very little effort and they function exactly the way their name suggests.

As door stoppers are customizable, you can stylize according to your agenda to add some flavor to your room. Doors are precious things and door stops are a low-tech and viable option when it comes to protecting them.

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5. Bumpers

These are more effective if your doors are constantly suffering from too much slamming against the walls of your house. Door slamming affects the door frames and the door itself as much as it affects the walls. Hence, bumpers are a quick DIY remedy when it comes to solving this issue.

Gel, plastic, rubber, foam, and bumpers can be effectively placed in a position that will make the doorknob hit the bumper instead of the wall. Bumpers are durable, reliable, customizable, and require little effort while installing.

6. Pinch Guards

They are famously known for their effective method of preventing doors from slamming. Placing pinch guards on your door’s frame or over the hinge is the most effective. They make it physically impossible to make any slamming take place.

These pinch guards are more of a temporary solution as no one expects you to keep them on 24/7. They are simple, cheap, reliable, and a good solution when preventing door slamming. You can remove and use them whenever you like and however you would like them according to your convenience.


That’s all on how to stop someone from slamming a door. In conclusion, door slamming is just not cool at all, by any means. Hence, it’s better to advise or make someone aware to not take their anger or frustration out on doors. Slamming doors not only causes damage but also is a form of disturbance or rudeness.

In this article, I’ve provided a ton of ways you can stop people from slamming doors. Now, I leave it up to you to decide which solution fits your situation better in terms of door slamming. I hope all the knowledge you’ve attained from this article helps you practically. Good luck and thanks for sticking with me till here. Have a nice day.