How Much to Charge for Spraying Weeds? – Here’s What to Know

Given how every homeowner wants their lawns to look the absolute best, weed can be a problem for them. It’s an eyesore. This presents a lucrative business opportunity. Many companies charge the customer for spraying and removing weeds. If you just started a new venture, here is all you need to know about how much to charge for spraying weeds.

Charging for spraying weed or weed control isn’t usually done by a specific rate but rather charged by the hour. And it can be different for different locations and also for different jobs. The rate is usually between $30 to $50 per hour. 

Of course, that is not the whole story. You can also charge a customer based on the type of service you provide, the quality and also per acre. Not to mention, if you have built up a reliable brand, you can also charge a slight premium. Let’s get into it in more detail. 

How Much to Charge for Spraying Weeds?

If you want to decide how much you should charge for spraying weeds, it is best not to charge a specific fee. Rather opt for an hourly rate model. The rate can be $30 to $50 in range. But the national average costs are $100. Again, since this is an average figure, do not expect it to cost the same over time. 

And when you are charging for the service yourself, it is always a good idea to discuss how long the job would take and decide an hourly rate based on that. That way you will not surprise your customer with the bill. 

The $30 price point is common when just offering basic chemical herbicide application, weed pulling, equipment and clean up for a lawn that is 1400 sq ft or so. For larger lawns, it can go much higher. 

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A very large yawn with a weed problem might need you to charge $200 for it to be a profitable project. The average application cost per acre comes between a range as well. When you are setting up your prices, you need to consider how much it will cost you as well and then charge the customer the right fee that works for both parties. 

For 1 acre and using chemical herbicide, the cost ranges from $135 to $160 and for using organic herbicide, the costs are $180 to $220. 

Then the charge for ½ acre is generally between $115 to $130 for using chemical herbicide. If you were to use organic herbicide, the costs can be between $160 to $ 180. 

For ¼ acre, it is $80 to $110 using chemical herbicides. And for organic, it will be around the $150 to $170 range. 

For 1/8 acre, using a chemical herbicide will cost anywhere from $60 to $80. Also, all these costs include labor as well. And then for using organic herbicide, the costs are more, of course, It can be between $130 to $150. 

As I mentioned already, if you know the cost of spraying weeds, it will help you come with appropriate prices for yourself. Although you need to be careful not to charge too far from the average and what the customer is used to. 

Otherwise, it might backfire and you may not get any clients at all. If you have built a brand and a reputation for quality, there might be a chance to charge a premium for that. But you should still be pretty careful. 

Factors Influencing Weed Spraying Charge

How much you should charge for spraying weeds depends on the type of weed that needs to be removed and the service type. Please take a look at them so you can charge your customers fairly. 

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Type of Weed

Knowing the type of weed before you dive into a project for a client or customer is also very important. Different weeds need to be dealt with differently. Here is a small table of costs for dealing by the type of weed 

Type of WeedCost of Organic Herbicide (1/4 Acre)Cost of Chemical Herbicide (1/4 Acre)
Broadleaf$40 – $165$60 – $120
Perennial$40 – $160$30 – $115
Annual$40 – $165$60 – $120
Grassy$40 – $165$30 – $115

All the costs are averages and can vary depending on factors like locations and the extent of the weed problem as well. Of course, the costs will be different for different acres as well. 

Service Type 

Another good way to decide how much you should charge is to look at the average costs of services by their type. This will give you an idea of how much it costs for those services and will help you come up with the final charges for your clients and customers. 

Manual Weed Pulling 

This one costs the least. Including the labor costs, the figure comes around to between $30 – $60 per hour. These types of services are especially effective against extensive rhizomes and deep taproots.

Just because I saw manual pulling, does not necessarily mean you have to use your hands only. Other professionals will have the right tools to make the job easier and faster. You can use hand-weeding tools, root busters, mechanical pullers and more. 

Weed and Feed Lawn Care

The cost for this is the same as manual weed pulling. It ranges from $30 – $60. Since it is a generic product most professionals will use during weed control, it may also include preemergence herbicide.

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Postemergence Weed Control

This treatment is best for weeds that have already sprouted. The average cost range is between $65 to $85. Since it is a trickier service, you need to inform your customer about all the things they need to be aware of. 

Things like how they cannot mow the lawn for at least three days after the application all need to be conveyed to your customer properly. 

Preemergence Weed Control

Lastly, we have preemergence weed control. This process will cost between $70 to $90. So, again that should give you a good estimate on how much you should charge for providing this service. 

Just like the postemergence weed control, preemergence control also needs you as the professional, to give advice and best practices to the customer as well. This treatment is best done in early fall. So, you should inform the customer that this is the best time to do it. 

Focus On Customer Satisfaction 

Whether you are a beginner or have a company that has been years in the business, your primary focus should be to achieve highest possible customer satisfaction. Remember the more you customers are satisfied the likely they are to recommend you to their friends, family and neighbors. And more business always means more money. 

So, even if you are starting out, be prepared to provide the highest quality service at little or if required no profit. In the initial stage of your business, you should solely focus on customer satisfaction. The more people hear about your service and try you out, the more you will earn eventually. 

There you have it. Now, you should have a pretty solid idea about how much to charge for spraying weeds.  I will mention it once again just to emphasize the point, all these costs are averages and estimates. To come with a price to charge for yourself, these costs can only act as a guideline. You need to figure out the final charges and prices for yourself by taking into consideration the level of service you provide and the client base.