How Much Value Does Granite Countertops Add To Home? Explained

Home improvement is an investment that is almost certain to give you a good ROI later down the line. Installing granite countertops is a great way to boost your home’s resale value. But I’m sure you want to know just how much value does granite countertops add to home.

The ultimate value depends on multiple factors, such as nearby property and your home’s original style. But almost every modern house will see a bump in resale value by installing granite countertops.

As you can probably guess, there is no fixed answer to how much increase you would see. But a granite countertop will appeal to most prospective buyers and give you a competitive edge over the other homeowners in the area. 

How Much Value Can You Add With Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are universally great for kitchen countertops due to certain features, which I will talk about in a bit. Granite countertops are cost-effective even if you hire a professional to do the installation. It also never goes out of style. Hence, it can add quite a bit of resale value to your home and make it easier to sell.

But the increase is not as significant as you might think. As a homeowner who would sell their property in the future, you need to think long and hard before every renovation.  Some renovations add a lot of resale value, and some others might negatively affect it.

If most of the homes in your neighborhood have granite counters or even quartz, then you must install them to preserve your competitive edge. The increase in value would probably be roughly around one-tenth, depending on how it complements your home as a whole.

In a neighborhood that does not have many homes with mineral countertops, you might see a slightly more increase, since it helps your home stand out. But that might not always be a good thing. Granite tops might not complement older homes as much as modern ones. 

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Why Do Granite Countertops Add Home Value?

There are quite a few reasons why granite is so popular among home buyers. The eco-friendliness of the granite countertop is very appealing to new buyers. It also brings plenty of practical elements to the table- or a countertop in this case.

Here are some of the reasons why adding it to your home would likely make it easier to sell your house:

1. Many Color Choices

One of the biggest things the granite countertop has going for it is universal neutrality. Granite is a natural substance, and it comes in an infinite number of color variations. It can also match almost every type of furnishing style you can think of.

You can even find some truly neutral colors like stark black or white. There are also many textures to go along with that. The versatile nature makes it an excellent focal point in the kitchen because you can easily incorporate it into future upgrades. This kind of open-ended feature is exceedingly attractive to prospective buyers.

2. High Durability

The visual aesthetic is not the only selling point of granite countertops. These surfaces are far more resilient than they look and can usually last a very long time. A kitchen counter is a place that sees a lot of heavy use in any home. Few materials can preserve their initial gleam while handling years of rough conditions.

Sealed granite has extraordinary resistance to outside tampering. It can easily resist heat and scratches. Most granite countertops are perfectly suitable for handling any kind of kitchen activity.

Granite countertops are both durable and can retain their aesthetic qualities for a very long time. It could even outlast the home itself. So new buyers can throw one worry out of their minds when they see a granite countertop.

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3. Does Not Stain Easily

The seal on granite is heavily resistant against stains of all kinds. A Good sealant will not only keep your granite safe, but it will also keep it looking pretty as the first day you laid eyes on it. With minimal maintenance, you can keep your countertop looking as good as new when you eventually end up selling your home.

That does not mean you can spill random stuff on it all the time. I still advise cleaning it with soft detergent every time you drop something that could cause a stain. Granite tops can handle heavy use but abuse, so take care of it as best as you can.

Ways To Maximize Granite Countertop ROI

A granite countertop would require varying amounts of work depending on when you want to sell your house. If you want to sell it pretty soon, like a year or so, then adding a granite countertop probably won’t add too much value unless it is a common theme with all the houses in your neighborhood.

But it would be very worth it if you want to use it for a couple of years or more. However, by then, you would need to do a bit of extra work to keep it in a sellable state. Granite countertops may be highly durable, but they still need some love to retain their beauty.

Sure, you could still get some value with a barely maintained counter, but it won’t give you the optimal return for your investment. Here are some ways to keep your granites resale value intact:

1. Keep Things Neutral

You need to pick a very neutral design scheme if you plan on selling your house later. You won’t know who your buyers will be and what they will like. So picking a neutral color and texture palette can boost your value more than a very funky one.

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There are exceptions to this, however. For example, if you have a house with a very specific theme going on, then matching that theme would be better than going neutral. Experiment with the visual side a bit before selecting your granite.

2. Get a Polished Surface

Granite countertops can last you a hundred years easily. It is an investment that ages well, so you should not cheap out while setting them. There are two types of granite surfaces you can get for your countertop. The polished and the unpolished granite both work fine, but the polished one retains its gloss longer for obvious reasons.

Unpolished granite or honed granite is also exceedingly smooth, but it has a matte surface. Meaning it can accumulate stains and scratch much faster. Polished granite is easier to clean too, compared to the unpolished variety. That can become a deciding factor for a lot of prospective buyers.

3. Hire Professionals To Do The Installation

Fitting a granite countertop is probably the worst thing to DIY. It doesn’t matter how good you are with tools. Some things just need a bit of professional touch. You can easily mess things up while handling granite, and it can end up running the value of your home.

In the worst-case scenario, you might need to reinstall the whole thing. That’s why I suggest letting the pros handle the installation while you pay more attention to the aesthetic side of things. 

I believe you can now answer questions like “how much value does granite countertops add to home?” on your own. The value mostly depends on what type of neighborhood you are in. The granite is only there to add some enticement. 

It is something that always stays in style, and many people would love having a furnished kitchen.