How to Stack Washer and Dryer Without Kit? Explained!

Our modern life is heavily dependent on different appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners, washers, etc. Along with all the comforts, these machines also bring responsibilities. Managing proper space for so much furniture and appliances can be troublesome. However, your life can be a bit simpler if you know how to stack a washer and dryer without a kit

You can easily stack your washer and dryer by putting the dryer on the top of the washer. First, you need to make sure that both appliances are compatible. You also need to measure the dimension of the top of the washer to be sure that the dryer will fit in there comfortably. Moreover, you have to keep a rubber mat between them to avoid friction.

You can use this article as a guide to stack your washer and dryer together. I have included an easy step-by-step process that is convenient to follow. Besides, I also added some crucial tips about stacking the washer and dryer in the latter part of the article. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Stack Washer & Dryer Without Kit

When we stack washers and dryers together, it’s not always about managing space. The washer stacked with the dryer also looks better aesthetically. You can easily stack your washer and dryer without a kit by following these steps.

Step 1: Measure the Dimensions

You have to make sure that your washer and dryer are stackable together. It is not wise to stack a dryer on top of a washer when the width and depth of the dryer are higher than the washer. If you keep a big dryer on a smaller washer, it will never rest there without a problem.

With a measuring tape, meticulously measure the dimension of the dryer and see if it fits on the top of the washer or not. Moreover, you need to observe if you can open the doors of both the washer and the dryer after you stack them together. 

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Make sure to leave a few inches on each side of your appliances since every electronic device needs some free room around it to work. Besides, if you are stacking them inside a closet, make sure there is enough room for both appliances. Check if the closet door does not pressure the washer or the dryer.

Step 2: Check the User Manuals

When you stack a washer and a dryer, there can be a compatibility issue between them. To be sure, thoroughly read the user manuals.

Most of the user manuals will tell you which models of washers can be stacked together with which models of dryers. Do not try to stack your washer and dryer together if they are incompatible.

Step 3: Use a Rubber mat

Since you are not using a stacking kit, you should place a rubber mat on the top of the washer before you put the dryer on it. It will save both of the appliances from the strong vibrations of each other. As you know, washers can be very vibrating at times.

Before placing the rubber mat, make sure to put off the rubber pad at the bottom of the dryer. Otherwise, they may harm the washer. You can remove the rubber pads using an ordinary screwdriver. If you keep the rubber pads, the total weight of the dryer will put pressure on some particular points on the top of the washer, which can damage the washer in the long run.

Step 4: Secure the Washer and the Dryer together

Since the washing appliances may vibrate while working, the dryer may fall off from the top of the washer at some point. 

Put an aluminum plate at the joining point of the dryer and the washer and secure them together with some compatible screws. You have to do this on both sides of the appliances.

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Step 5: Connect Hoses and Wires

Now that your washer and dryer are stacked together, you need to connect the water hoses and the electric wires to make them functional. 

You have to make a proper plan about joining the hoses and wires with the appliances before you start the procedure.

Step 6: Test Run

In the final step of stacking your washer with the dryer, you have to wash and dry some clothes with them. You have to clean the maximum volume of clothes your washing appliances can handle.

Watch out for any unusual behavior of the washer or the dryer. Hear out for any different noise from the appliance. If you find anything suspicious, stop the washer and check what might have gone wrong.

Some Tips on Stacking Washer & Dryer

Stacking your washer and dryer together might sound very easy. However, it can also be challenging if something goes wrong. Here are some tips on stacking your washer to make the job easier.

Be Sure of the Compatibility

If you cannot find the user manuals, go to the company website of the washer and dryer to confirm the compatibility. 

Ask their customer care service for detailed information. If you are still unsure, measure the width and depth of both appliances. If the width and depth of the dryer are less than those of the dryer, it should be okay to stack them.

Do Not Stack the Washer on Top of the Dryer

The washer is usually heavier than a dryer. So, you cannot put a washer on top of a dryer. Besides, the washer vibrates much more than a dryer does.

It is always possible for the washer to change position due to the strong vibration. So, risks of accidents increase if you put the washer on top of the dryer.

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Do not Stack Top-Loading Washer

You cannot stack a washer with a dryer if it has a top-loading window. How can you put your clothes into the washer if the opening gets under the dryer? 

And you already know that you cannot put a washer on top of a dryer. So, you have to stack a front-loading washer with a dryer.

Do Not Stack Without the Rubber Mat 

When you are not using a stacking kit, you should use a rubber mat between the weather and the dryer. 

However, you may stack them with a rubber mat. But they may cause damage to your washing appliances since there will be continuous frictions between them while they will be cleaning and drying clothes.


An alternative to stacking the washer and the dryer is mounting the dryer in the wall. You can wall-mount the dryer right on top of the washer.

It will also help you save space and make your house tidier. However, mounting the dryer on the wall will require some extra effort.

Do Not Lay Your Washer On its Side

While stacking your washer and dryer together, never lay your washer or dryer down on any of their sides, backs, or fronts. 

It may make their operation faulty. It will create pressure on some fragile components of the appliances that may stop functioning. 

Room to Save by Stacking

When you stack your washer and dryer, they need a space with at least 23 inches of width and 40 inches of depth. On the other hand, if you kept them side-by-side, it would take 16 inches more width.

Now that you know how to stack a washer and dryer without a kit, you can enjoy better control over the space management of your house. At the same time, your laundry room will now look more beautiful than before.