Is a Squeaky Dryer Dangerous? Let’s Find Out

There is something quite concerning when an electronic device in your house starts to make a weird noise. The same is for dryers. The moment they start to squeak, all kinds of thoughts start to go through your head. But is a squeaky dryer dangerous? Well, that is exactly what we are going to find out.

A dryer can start making a squeaky noise for many reasons. One of the things that concern people is it being a fire hazard. Although it is relatively safe to use a squeaky dryer, you should not keep using it when it is making noises. Get it checked.

Using a dryer when you know something might be wrong can amplify the problem. That means you might have to buy a new dryer when it eventually dies earlier than it should have.

Is a Squeaky Dryer Really Dangerous?

Dryers are not exactly known for their discretion. They can be quite loud even when they are working just fine. But when they start to squeak, that is when most people start to notice that something may be wrong.

The biggest concern is if you are pushing an appliance to the limit knowing that something may be wrong, it can be a fire hazard. With that being said, using a dryer that squeaks when it’s on, is not much of a problem. 

It should not be a massive fire hazard – at least not more than it will be annoying. However, you should not ignore the problem either. If your dryer is making a squeaking noise, then you should get it serviced. That is the best way to make sure everything is working fine.

And, let’s be honest, having the dryer checked out by a professional will give you some peace of mind too. One particular thing you should care about is damage over time. Although using a dryer that makes noises should not be that much of a problem, if you keep using it, then the damage might get amplified. 

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The more you keep using the dryer like that, the more strain you will put on the parts. And that may cause your dryer to kick the bucket much before it should have. That is something you do not want.

There is one particular fringe case though. What if your dryer made a particular noise from before? This is very possible. Not all dryers will have the same kind of operating noise. If anything, each dryer, or more specifically each model of the dryer will have a slightly different noise. 

You will be pretty used to the baseline noise your dryer makes. The point of concern should be when something just sounds straight-up wrong. Like a tinny or a high pitch squeaky noise.

What Are the Causes of a Squeaky Dryer?

 As you might know, there are a lot of moving parts in a dryer. Any of these can break or be faulty. And that can cause noise.

While it can be difficult for normal people to find out exactly what the problem is, knowing some of the parts that can usually go wrong will be helpful. Here is the list of parts that can be faulty.

Fan or Blower Wheel

The function of the fan or blower wheel is to draw air when the dryer is being heated. The air goes through the drum and exhausts out the vents. Naturally, when you have airflow, dust and debris can accumulate. 

And this can cause a specific kind of noise. There is some good news though. You can clean it. Check the bottom of the dryer and you should see an access panel. You can remove it. Clean the piece and for good measure, you can spin the fan as well. Check if the fan makes any noise or not.

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Damaged Motor

A damaged motor can be quite catastrophic for your dryer. It keeps the show running after all. A dryer might keep running with a damaged motor, but it will make noises. And if you keep pushing it, it might give up and die. 

If you think you have a damaged motor, I do not think it is worth fixing it. You would have to pay an electrician, find the right motor for your model, and more. There is just a lot of hassle and hoops to go through. 

It is better to just outright replace your dryer if the motor is damaged. And if your appliance is still under warranty, then that should make things much easier. Motor damage is not that common in normal day-to-day use. So, there is nothing to panic about here.

Faulty Belt

Another component that can be the culprit is a bad dryer belt. The belt is usually made of rubber and thin. It wraps around the drum and is attached to the pulley. That is attached to the motor which helps it spin super-fast.

Here is something you cannot avoid, the more you use your appliance, the more wear and tear will happen. That is just how it works. In some cases, the strain can be severe. This can stretch the belt. 

Which will cause it to lose grip over the drum and ultimately leave you with a noisy and annoying dryer. Just open up the dryer to check out whether that is the case or not. This problem is usually pretty easy to diagnose. And you should be able to get replacement belts.

Loose Screws

Where there are screws, there is always the chance that some might be lost. And you guessed it right, a loose screw will cause a squeaking noise. 

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The screw might be getting tumbled vigorously while the dryer is running. You can just fix it with a small screwdriver by tightening it.

Fixing Your Dryer

Alright, even though using a squeaky dryer should be fine for at least one cycle, you do not want to keep using it. You need to get it fixed. And how much would that cost? Well, good question.

The cost of fixing a dryer can vary on a couple of things. The first one is pretty obvious. If your dryer is under warranty, then it should not be much. Actually, you might just get a replacement free of cost.

This, of course, depends on the brand. That is why it is always a good idea to buy from a reputed brand. If the dryer does break, you can be pretty sure that they will offer you excellent after-sales service and honor the warranty.

However, fixing one can cost you around $100 to $400. Whether the repair is worth it or not depends on the 50% rule. This is a pretty simple rule that states that you should not pay more than 50% of the cost of a new one.

There you have it. So, is a squeaky dryer dangerous? Most probably not. But it is not worth it to keep using a dryer that is making weird noises. And if you hear any noises that sound wrong, you should get them checked right away.

It might not be anything major. But having that peace of mind is important. In some cases, you can also diagnose the problem yourself. When something like the belt stretches, you should be able to replace it by yourself. If you are hesitant though, then it is always best to have it checked by an expert. Hope this helps and thanks for stopping by.