Swim Spa Enclosures: Do You Really Need Them?

When you invest in something expensive, it’s only natural for you to be concerned about the risks involved in maintaining it. Maintaining a swim spa can be time-consuming and expensive. Covering it with a swim spa enclosure will help maintain its temperature while keeping dirt and leaves out.

Enclosures are an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by pests, howling winds, leaves, rain, or direct sunlight. As a result, making an enclosure as luxury suits requires a significant investment of time and money.

It seems pretty tricky, right? Relax! Regardless of your preferences in materials, size, or other factors, I am confident that this article will assist you. Read through the article to know every detail about the swim spa enclosures.

Are Swim Spa Enclosures Worth Investment?

A swim spa enclosure is a smart investment indeed. It will enable you to enjoy your swim spa for an extended period. It will also increase the value of your property. 

Consider purchasing an enclosure to make the most of your swim spa all year. When you have an enclosure, you will have the weather and safety of your spa in your control.

If you enjoy using your swim spa, but the amount of time and money it takes to keep it running is exhausting, perhaps now is the time to rethink investing in an enclosure. These categories of covers are excellent investments for the following reasons.

Save Time 

Cleaning the water before using it every time can be time-consuming and exhausting. An enclosure will keep debris, animal waste, and leaves out of the swim spa.

After all the time you’ve spent running your day spa and caring for the area immediately around it, the amount of time you’ll save will be considerable. 

Save Cost

The savings are continuing, with heating costs this time. Retractable enclosures absorb solar radiation, keeping your swim water and surrounding area warm and toasty.

Maintaining clean and hygienic water requires less effort, fewer costly chemicals, and less labor. It helps you save money like that.

Protect from UV Ray

Polycarbonate rods, for example, are used as glazing materials in a swim spa. It keeps out the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. As UV rays are blocked, all water-purifying chemicals stay well preserved for long periods.

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They keep people safe from the potentially damaging effects of UV radiation. Their polycarbonate panels protect users from UV radiation and skin cancers.

Children Safety 

Make sure that children are safe. Even if a fence is installed, children can still enter a swim spa when left alone as they can circumvent them. Enclosures help reduce the risk of drowning. 

You can easily control and lock the enclosure door whenever you want to. Discover more on how enclosures keep children safe from risk.

What Size of Swim Spa Enclosures Is Right For You?

There are three types of enclosure, but you can customize it with your choice. There are no thumb rules in the case of size selection. It depends on your needs and preferences. However, you may consider the below sizes before buying an enclosure.

Deciding to personalize any structure that will be added to your space is a big decision. I’m here to explain three sizes and help you choose the best one for your outdoor space. The following sizes are:

The Bottom Line

These types of enclosures are elegant, subtle, and streamlined. It gives the safety with greater thickness but without the added volume. 

Because of these low structures, you will be able to enjoy your lawn from every angle without being hindered by any obstructions. Lower deck levels allow you to swim beneath the boat with room to spare.

The Line In the Middle

The middle option is excellent if you prefer an easy-going poolside environment and a little extra space to move around in and around your swim spa. They are approximately the height of an average person.

It provides ample space to play water games or prop up a lawn chair without taking up the entire backyard. On sunny days, you can have an open-air swim by retracting the shelter to the side.

The High Line

High-line enclosures allow you to transform your pool into a covered area that’s great for entertaining. It can accommodate furniture and allows for easy movement within the space. 

If you like sunbathing in the sun, you can close the retractable glass panels in the swim spa to prevent water from being dirty. They are also great for storing patio furniture over the winter period or storm due to their durability. 

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Benefits of Swim Spa Enclosure

Your custom-made enclosures make sitting outside any time of day appealing. No pests or leaves to deal with; just the enjoyment of being outdoors. This also lets you keep the windows and the sliding glass doors open to enjoy an indoor/outdoor living space.

Families often visit and enjoy it with the security barrier in the swim spa surrounding a hotel. As a result of safety regulations, enclosures are becoming increasingly popular. It serves as an excellent barrier against insects and harsh sunlight. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of a Swim Spa Enclosure.

Protection from Sun

It’s best to avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible for the sake of your skin’s health. Enclosures shield you and your family from harmful UV rays while you enjoy your swimming spa. In addition, it helps keep the water cold.


Most people claim that maintaining an enclosure is easier than an open swim spa. It will keep extra debris out of your water, making it more hygienic.

Use Less Harsh Chemicals

Despite being essential to keeping a pool clean, no one wants to get covered in chemicals. An enclosure will prevent you from spending extra money on using chemicals to maintain clean and safe water.

Water Evaporation Reduction

The summertime can severely diminish the level of your swim spa because of water evaporation. Simultaneously, water restrictions can prevent you from refilling it. You can use an enclosure to slow the process.

Factors That Affect the Cost of A Swim Spa Enclosure

This is dependent on several factors, including the size, layout, substances used, and labor costs that can make an impact. The prices for swim spa enclosures in the following areas can vary from moderate to high.

I have explained most of the factors but did not clarify that it can be cost-effective. Now I will help you to know the factors briefly that will make your investment worthy and meaningful. 


If your place has an external area, and you like to cover the swim spa to protect your water against rain and waste. Before purchasing an enclosure, consider the height and of the structure. 

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The size also depends on the number of people who use the swim spa; the spa is large or small. Enclosure heights are classified into three types:

  • Bottom Line
  • Medium Line
  • High Line


Your lawn design will probably depend mainly on your tastes, and things to keep in mind include your actual outdoor space.

With today’s collection of enclosures, you have a wide range of stylistic options. Swim spa enclosures fall into several distinct design categories, including the following:

  • Standard

It is made with three or four corners, a screen or glass. Standard design is distinguished by its high quality, dependability, design innovation, and ease of operation. 

It provides a new feature, including modern coating systems, eloquent profiles, and surveillance locks. All the corners have a secure lock.

  • Retractable

There are two types of garden enclosures to pick from, including a more private option with high walls or a minimal design that keeps the outlook of your garden unchanged. 

With a retractable enclosure, you can pull it up during lovely weather and then close it up when the wind dictates. Specific retractable enclosures include a squeeze mechanism for covering and uncovering your swim spa.

  • Custom

Custom-built enclosures can offer several features, and as such, they can meet specific requirements that add personal touches to a base design.

And it helps to become an excellent combination of shape and structure. In less time and at less cost than retractable, you can get a permanent enclosure.


Aluminized structural frames are commonly used to construct Swim Spa Enclosures. In between or around each frame, the material can vary from rigid and transparent sheets of glass to soft and lightweight vinyl. 

It is quickly impacted and rumpled, which makes it an unsuitable material for use. The black, charcoal and aluminum shades of aluminum screening are all available. The following are the most frequently encountered alternatives:

  • Glass. 
  • Polycarbonate
  • Vinyl
  • Screen. 

At this point, I’m pretty confident you’re aware of all pertinent information regarding Swim Spa Enclosures. Considering the above, you must invest your money wisely.

I recommend getting to see a seller or maker of enclosures before contacting them. This ends up saving you a significant deal of time and money, and it will be more cost-effective in the long run.