Everything You Need To Know About Salt Water Swim Spa

When it comes to a saltwater spa, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Only a few are aware of the complex mechanism and technology that goes into it. If you have been planning on getting your hands on a salt water swim spa for a while, there are a few things that you should know!

Saltwater swim spas have fewer chemicals than normal chlorine and bromine water systems. They are more relaxing and buoyant. The chlorine is produced naturally from salt and hence they don’t cause eye or skin irritation problems. And, they require low maintenance although the initial cost can be a bit high. 

I will go into further details about the advantages and minor disadvantages of a saltwater swim spa. Also, the cost of maintenance is imperative for you to know. So, stick around till the end. 

How Is Salt Water Swim Spa Different From Regular Spas?

The main difference between saltwater swim spas and regular spas is in the water sanitizing system. Regular spas use excess chlorine or bromine solute to treat the water. Saltwater swim spas, on the other hand, use a salt sanitization system that creates natural salt in the water through salt cells.

The spa is also carefully crafted to support a salt cell and the adverse effects of salt. Salt is highly corrosive. The metallic structures of the spa can corrode quite easily. Hence, different coatings and sealants on the metallic structures are applied for the saltwater technology.

Advantages Of Using Salt Water Swim Spa

Where to begin. There are just so many advantages! So, here are a few of them to get you riled up to buy one. 

Light And Relaxing 

The natural salt produced from the saltwater system feels so good! You need to try it out. Go to a friend’s house if they own one! You’ll see the difference. The water is more relaxing to the body than the rough waters of normal pools.

Due to a lack of excess chlorine or bromine, you won’t have dry or cracked skin. The natural flow of salt also makes the water soft and light! You can easily jump into the water and swim freely. 

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No Irritation

Irritation is a common problem in normal swim spas. The chlorine that is manually given in the pools can be tough to measure accurately. Overuse of chlorine can cause irritation of the eyes.

Luckily, saltwater spas have no such problems! The chlorine level is much less as it is produced naturally from the salt. So, goodbye to annoying irritations! 

Zero Odor 

A bad odor comes from your hair and body after you’ve spent ample time inside the spa. This is due to chlorine. Chlorine can create a pungent smell in the water that can last for half an hour on your body.

If you cannot stand the smell of chlorine, use a salt water swim spa instead! The chlorine and other chemicals are given on a much lower level. Hence, you’ll be free from unwanted odor!

Improves Buffer Of Water

Buffer capacity is very important for keeping the natural chemical levels, overall pH, and alkalinity of water in equilibrium. These indicators stay in required levels to keep bacteria at bay and keep your body relaxed and irritation-free.

The buffer is especially important to keep your pH and alkalinity in check as they tend to fluctuate a lot. By using natural salt, the levels of these indicators fluctuate rarely and equilibrium is maintained. So, you’ll have to drain your water less frequently. 

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining a saltwater spa is easier than normal swimming pools which are a huge pain in the back. You don’t need to check the pH levels, alkalinity every day. You can easily clean and replace damaged parts at a lower cost than normal swimming pools. 

But it is stupid to get the idea that the chemical levels will never change and you won’t have to clean your tub at all. Though the saltwater system comes with a self-cleaning mechanism, you should still clean it once in a while!

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So, make sure to invest some time in the maintenance of your swim spa. Because you spent big bucks on it!  

Minor Disadvantages of Salt Water Swim Spa

Nothing is perfect! And that also goes for saltwater swim spas. You have to put in a little bit of effort to maintain it. But, it is way easier to maintain a swim spa than your average swimming pool. So, here are a few minor disadvantages of a saltwater swim spa. 

Initial Cost Can Be High

The buying cost of a swim spa can range from around 8,000-30,000 thousand US dollars. Yeah, I know it’s a bit pricey. But there are some cheaper models which are 1 to 2 thousand dollars. 

Remember that in the long run, it is cheaper than normal spas or swimming pools. It is still half the price of swimming pools and you’re getting the best of both worlds! 

Salt Can Be Corrosive

As mentioned earlier, salt is a corrosive compound. Hence, the tub will need a special coating. But if you become a regular user it can create some problems. Although most of the salt goes back inside the salt cell some remains in the water. 

This can cause corrosion of the metallic components of the spa tub. That is why it is better to drain out the water from time to time. Otherwise, you might need to replace those parts and they don’t come cheap! 

Salt Cell Might Require Replacement

The salt cell is the main component that converts the salt into natural chlorine and makes the water silky and soft. They also keep the chemical compositions in equilibrium.

Salt cells contain parallel titanium plates and they might break off over time as a result of low salt levels or poor maintenance. It also depends on your usage.  On average, the salt cell requires replacement every 2 to 4 years. 

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The average cost is 100 to 300 US dollars. Keep in mind that you need to bear additional costs for installation and maintenance too. So, don’t get the idea that you won’t have to check your chemical levels or maintain the tub at all. 

Always Keep Above 15 Degrees Celsius

Salt cells will produce adequate salt when the temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius. If it goes below that level, your system might have difficulties in producing the chlorine. Some even shut down automatically. 

Hence, during winter it can be a hassle to use the saltwater swim spa. But don’t you worry! Just get a good idea of the temperature in your area.  In case the water level is too low, you might get a heater to at least keep the tub warm.

Costs Related to Owning a Salt Water Swim Spa

Owning a saltwater swim spa comes with maintenance costs, parts replacement costs, and chemical costs. The swim spa itself can weigh more than a ton! So, delivery costs can be 1000 dollars or more. Monthly maintenance can cost about 200 to 250$. Replacements are hard to predict. So, keep at least a 500$ budget for that. 

Swim spas are normally power efficient. So, you won’t have to pay high bills for it. 100 to 150$ is more than enough. One of the best ways to minimize these costs is to buy a world-class spa.

It can get expensive but you’ll thank your future self! Also, make sure to choose dealers that offer strong warranties that have a good reputation for after-sales service. 

So, to sum it all up, saltwater swim spas are awesome for the money you’ll be paying. They are soothing for your body and mind. The cost might seem a bit high but maintenance is very manageable. And there you have it! Everything you should know about salt water swim spas! Hopefully, I was able to guide you properly and help you make a decision.