5 Types Of Pools And Cost Of Each (In Detail)

A swimming pool is one of the best additions to a home. It not only increases your home’s value but also adds to its aesthetic appeal. However, not every pool is of the same type and cost. So, if you are curious about swimming pool types, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide you with information regarding 5 types of pools and cost of each.

The most popular pool types include above-ground pools, inground pools, architectural pools, lap pools, and infinity pools. Above-ground pools are the least expensive, while infinity pools are the most expensive.

Well, each of these pools not only has different installation costs but require different maintenance costs as well. Besides, they all have their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. So, in this article, I’ll go over the characteristics, pros, and cons of these five types of pools, along with the expenses.

Average Cost Of Building A Swimming Pool

The average cost of building a swimming pool is about $50,000, with costs ranging between $10,000 and $100,000. However, the price can vary greatly depending on the type, material, shape, etc.

Moreover, the labor cost is also an essential factor to consider here. The cost of labor varies from pool to pool. Labor expenses are higher for in-ground pools than the above-ground pools. Besides, the cost of labor would be higher for fiberglass and concrete than for vinyl. 

Labor expenses to install a pool vary from $5,000 to $30,000 on average, but the price can be more for customized pools with unique designs. Now, in the case of materials, concrete is one of the most popular materials for building pools. The price per square foot of a concrete pool ranges from $55 to $70.

A vinyl lining, on the other hand, costs about $4,000. Again, a simple fiberglass shell costs $10,000, whereas a deluxe fiberglass shell costs around $27,000. 

However, you might also need to take into consideration the costs of a swimming pool permit, pool landscaping, building a deck, and so on while calculating the total expense of the project.

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5 Different Types Of Pools And Their Cost

As I have mentioned before, there are many different types of pools, each having different characteristics and costs. So, now let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of pools!

Above-ground Pool

Above ground pool

Above-ground pools are a popular option for a backyard swimming pool. Installing an above-ground pool might cost anywhere from $1,850 to $5,000. Besides the cheap rate, it also has the ease of construction. Moreover, above-ground swimming pools do not even require extensive landscaping or a prolonged installation process. 

This type of pool comes in a multitude of styles and materials. Furthermore, you can also get them with a few built-in features like jet sprays or lights. Since the point of entry is high from the ground, these pools minimize the possibility of slipping inside.

Well, above-ground swimming pools will not be the best choice for you if you are looking for something visually attractive. However, you can also build a deck for roughly $15-$30 for each square foot and you will still be below budget in comparison to other pool varieties.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Ideal for small backyards.
  • Reduces the chance of slipping in.


  • Not attractive like the other types.
  • Short life span.

Inground Pool

Inground pool

Inground pools are one of the most common sorts of swimming pools and a terrific way for the whole family to have fun. The average cost of installing an inground pool is about $35,000, but prices can range between $28,000 and $55,000 depending on materials and customization.

There are 3 different types of materials to pick for an inground pool: concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl. Concrete pools have the maximum lifetime cost and require the longest time to install. However, you can design them to any specifications of your choice. Although they are by far the most challenging to keep up with, they are perhaps the most durable.

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Fiberglass pools, on the other hand, have the greatest initial cost but the cheapest ongoing costs. They are easy to put up, however, the shape isn’t changeable. 

Well, a vinyl pool is the least expensive to install and can be made in every form or size. The problem with a vinyl liner is that it must be updated per five to ten years due to its thinness. Fallen tree branches, animals, children, and other factors can easily damage a vinyl pool.

It would be best to discuss with your contractor while making a construction decision. Generally, materials are selected for their flexibility and strength.


  • The size and design are customizable.
  • Different options of materials.
  • A variety of options of features and accessories.
  • Long lifespan.
  • Boosts resale value.


  • Expensive.
  • Requires regular upkeep.
  • There are downsides to each material.

Architectural Pool

Architectural pool

Architectural pools are one of the most costly swimming pool types. As the name implies, you will need to hire an architect to design these types of pools. Before installation, it requires a great deal of expertise and preparation, and they often involve unique and complex design elements that require a high cost of installation.

These pools are designed to blend in with the home’s architecture and landscaping. To achieve asymmetric and coherent appearance, builders use the same construction materials and designs that match the decor. Installing an architectural swimming pool might require a splurge. It can cost you a large sum of money due to the lengthy procedure it takes to install a pool.


  • Extremely appealing to the eye.
  • Increases the home’s resale value to a great extent.


  • Very expensive.
  • The installation and planning process both are lengthy.

Lap Pool

Lap pool

A lap pool is a pool designed primarily for exercise. While they might not be the best choice for a family, however, they are ideal for swimmers who want to get some workout in the swimming pool. They are quite lengthy, ranging from 30-70 feet in length, and are rectangular shaped.

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These pools are deep all the way around, allowing for flips and turns on each end. Lap pools that are above-ground start at $3,000, but most cost between $15,000 and $30,000. The price of an inground one, on the contrary, ranges from $20,000-$70,000. As there is less water to manage, lap pools have cheaper yearly maintenance expenditures than other types of pools.


  • Excellent for working out.
  • When annual costs are taken into account, it can be cheaper


  • Not a viable option for families.
  • Only useful for doing laps.

Infinity Pool

Infinity pool

Infinity pools are specially designed and made to accentuate a beautiful view. You might see this type of pool when visiting a post resort. An infinity pool has a vanishing-edge style that rests underneath the water level of the pool. 

This permits water to pour over the walls, giving the impression that there are no limits to the water. This pool is commonly utilized to highlight mountain views and other spectacular natural sights. However, infinity pools are very expensive to install and maintain due to their unique design needs.

They are more commonly found in commercial enterprises than in private residences. The infinity effect adds about 30% to the expense of installing an inground pool, taking it from $55,000-$130,000 on average.


  • Very attractive looking.
  • Increases property value greatly.


  • The most expensive type.
  • Lengthy and complicated installation process.

Hopping in a pool is a great way to spend time with your family and friends! Especially if you live in a warm climate. By now, you have got to know about a few types of pools and cost of themSo, pick the one that best suits your budget and needs. Thanks for reading through. Take care.